Wonder Woman

Well folks, here I am again, the lady who can do all things! Now, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I must say that I am more accomplished, with a lot more things, than I was at the start of the Pandemic.

My husband, God Bless Him, looks at me in a different light now and sees me as the answer to most of his needs. Hair cutting, not a problem! Supplying him and the family with tasty treats, straight from my oven, which I must say, has been more used now than ever before. Sometimes, not like the fictional ‘ Wonder Woman ‘ I make the odd mistake, but, the mistakes are few and far between. (Trumpet blowing at the highest pitch now along with strong rose-tinted glasses)! I must say that I think Denis is wearing the rose-tinted ones as well!

Thinking of all these recent accomplishments, made me reflect on my own walk with God. He didn’t make any mistakes, when he sought me out and saved me, He took me as I was, but He is now working on the perfection bit! Every day He lovingly draws me aside and looks at me, not in a different light, but through the eyes of Jesus.

Just as my husband looks at me, when I try a difficult recipe and the end result is just right, God can see the end result in me!

Life has been sweet for us two, Denis and myself, during this period of lock-down, or as we say in Portavogie, lock-doon, because we are very fortunate to have each other but the most important thing is that I have found myself just a little nearer to my Creator, because through Him I can do all things!