A New Normal?

As lockdown reduces, I suddenly realise it is now three months since I wore any of my work suits. I am now semi retired, but this was not how I imagined my first year of retirement. However, although it has meant the absence of planned visits to family in UK and Australia and getting used to new technology and remote meetings, I know I have so much to be thankful for: good health, the time to enjoy nature and all its beauty or to enjoy a simpler and less hectic lifestyle, with less travel and more contact with family and friends.

As lockdown comes to an end and, in particular, the Government’s various support schemes such as furlough, I am concerned that this “new normal” will be even harder and more difficult for many; and I believe even greater community spirit, support and prayer will be required from us all.

Unfortunately, for many, in particular, the young, there will be no jobs to return to, with all the financial and emotional consequences of such a loss, with reduced opportunities for employment in the immediate future.

As the family of God, I believe we will have to redouble our efforts to ensure those facing uncertain futures and needs, with the loss of employment, can avail of all necessary advice and support to help them through these difficult times. Of course, Government has a major part to play in this, but we, as Christians can demonstrate our love for our neighbours, as we are commanded to do.