Indian Crafts and Maureen’s Quilts

Why not make a start on your Christmas shopping in aid of the homeless, orphans and destitute children and adults in Chennai, India.
The CMCT charity in India helps destitute women and children. They are given education, training and opportunities to make good quality items that are sold to support themselves and their children.

Treat yourself or find an interesting gift for a friend.

Items ranging from a card to a cushion to a colorful quilt can all be bought. ALL proceeds will be given to CMCT in India.
The lovely craft items are made by the ladies in India. Maureen sells some patchwork quilts - some new, some old to supplement the sale.
Tea/coffee and a snack will be available.

We are open for business in Portaferry Methodist Church, Ferry Street
from 2-4:30pm on SATURDAY 11th November.

Drop by if you can - even for a card. Every contribution is valued.
Please bring friends and family and let others know - open to ALL.


We are back!

every Tuesday from 10:00 am to 12:30pm.

You will find newspapers and books as well as
jigsaw puzzles. There is also some suitable material
and books for young children upstairs.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are available in the kitchen in

Cuan Mews
Cuan Place/Virgins Lane

(between Ferry Street & Castle Street)

Children must be accompanied, and supervised
at all times, by a responsible adult.

Drop off point for Food Bank

Next Sunday Service

Sunday services will all be online at 10am via Zoom (link is: ), and also in person in our church building for those who like to come. Glastry Methodist is also reopening its building for gathered worship. The 11:30am Glastry service will still be live-streamed on Glastry Facebook Page too.

For your diary and     upcoming services

    To the congregation of Portaferry Methodist Church and friends

    We know that the Covid-19 Coronavirus presents a challenge to all church members. There is worry about the impact of the virus, particularly for those with health issues; concerns about just how we continue to live our everyday lives at a time of social distancing and self-isolation and worries about how we can support each other in our church family.

    Sunday Services online and in person

    • Each Sunday morning at 10am we host a live online service via ZOOM. Everyone interested can join us together with our friends of Glastry Methodist Church for workship. You do not have to have a computer, an ipad and Internet in order to do this, there is also a way to participate in this via telephone. Please send Rev. Jordan Litchfield (see contact) an email before Sunday and he will send you further instructions to connect via Zoom.
    • Also our church building is open again for sunday worship in person. If you feel safe to join us, please do. We following all Covid restrictions/government advice and ask that those attending would wear facemasks and sit in the designated places in the church. There is a one way system in place as well as hand sanitizers around.
      You are very welcome to join in our fellowship and if you have any questions please call either Rev. Jordan Litchfield (see contact)
    • Glastry Methodist reopened its buildings for gathered worship at 11:30am.  We are also providing a live-stream of the Glastry Methodist Church service at 11:30am. You will be able to watch this either through Zoom or through Glastry church's Facebook page.

    While we cannot yet provide Sunday School due to government regulations, we will do our best to keep the services shorter than normal and more engaging for all age groups.


    Those isolating at home

    We recognise the importance of keeping contact with those people who are self-isloating. We habe agreed a rota and allocated each to someone who will maintain regular contact both for spiritual support as well as for practical issues as shopping or collecting prescriptions, where there are any difficulties.

    Other issues

    It is vital during the uncertain times thats we work together with the other Churches in Portaferry. This is both to be able to offer practical support but also to ensure that should there be significant illness the Churches work together to support the community.
    We are also concerned that we do not give in to fear but remember that we are in God's hands. To support this, we will be sending every church member a text at least once per week with an appropriate bible verse. There will also be acticles written by members and can be found in the "latest news" section of this webpage.

    Prayer points

    • Our Minister and his family as they face this unprecedented challenge
    • Those self-isolating
    • Those who are ill and anxious
    • Our Government that it may make wise decisions
    • All in the NHS as they struggle to deal with the virus and key workers we know
    • Those researching a vaccine and medicine

    Latest News


    We are open every Tuesday from 10:00 am to 12:30pm. You will find newspapers and books as well as jigsaw puzzles. There is also some suitable material and books for young children upstairs. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available in the kitchen in Cuan Mews Children must be accompanied, and supervised at all times, by a responsible adult. Portaferry Methodist Church, Ferry Street.

    Portaferry Gala Week

    Church Council with Afternoon Tea

    New Wine

    Ten days ago, I read something in my study notes which challenged me. The writer was reflecting on the passage in Matthew about wineskins. Neither is new wine put into old wineskins. If it is, the skins burst and the wine is spilled and the skins are destroyed. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved. (Matthew 9:17) The writer made the point that while aged, or indeed truly vintage, wine is wonderful, it’s no […]

    Hello Mum and Dad

    When the PMC historian comes to write the Church history for the last hundred years, one of the defining moments of the Zoom hours in the Litchfield era will be hearing, morning mum and dad, on Sunday mornings. John Brookes greeting his parents has been a wonderful part of the consequences of Covid for PMC, and the way that people are able to join us in easily, if not in person, has been a true benefit from these very difficult […]

    Thanks to Myra McCalllister

    Churches often forget that lots of things go on behind the scenes to make Sunday worship possible. It is not just the Minister but a whole team of people who make sure the church is clean and tidy, warm and comfortable, that refreshments, when allowed, are available and that the services runs smoothly. Part of this is making sure that there are readers and people to lead the prayers. It wont’ be a surprise that when people get up to […]

    A Lesson from Lockdown?

    In we filed, squinting in the harsh fluorescent light, six of us, clones, dressed in pin-stripes suits, carrying pads of yellow paper, pencils, audit programmes and of course our precious briefcases housing indispensable calculators. The bald headed, older man at the corner desk, looked up, showed the ghost of a smile under his greying moustache and sighed. The auditors had arrived for another year. It was the late 1970’s in Northolt, west London. North Sea oil had been discovered and […]


    Following the death of Prince Philip there’s been a lot of talk about duty about how he was a man committed to his duty. However, I’m not sure we are always clear about what we mean by duty. Duty can be thought of in two ways: positive duty that is the duty to assist; and negative duty which is the duty not to cause harm. It is generally thought that negative duties outweigh positive duties and so are more fundamental. […]


    I’m a bit of a mixture. I’m an Irish woman who lived over half her life in Britain. I’m a qualified doctor but also an ordained minister. Although I was ordained in the Church of England and now associate myself with the Church of Ireland, I spend at least half my time working for or worshipping with the Methodist church. Although strongly extrovert by nature I really appreciate time on my own. I love words and things of the mind […]

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    A Welcoming Community of Christ's People Being Enabled to Help Shine His Light In Portaferry

    Our Services

    Sunday Morning Service

    Come and join us in the Sunday Morning Worship. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s for everyone. It starts at 10:00am and everyone is welcome! (Please note: In times of Corona we meet at 10:00am via Zoom Meeting instead until further notice) Come as you are, you don't need to wear special clothes for it. You don’t need to bring anything. We supply it all. Listen, reflect on God’s Word and be challenged and inspired for the week ahead. For the Kids there is a children’s talk and then a selection of books and toys in the back of the church. No one feels offended if they play quietly there! We also have a small kitchen and upstairs room where they can also play. 3 members are Access NI approved. And, after each service? Ah, there’s tea, coffee and chat with some biscuits; all provided in our kitchen room, Cuan Mews - you are welcome attend this too!

    Joint Service

    We believe in working with other Christian groups.

    If there is a 5th Sunday in the month, then we join our friends of the Church of Ireland for a 'Joint Service'. We alternate speakers and location [just for a change you understand].  

    Communion Service

    On the first Sunday of each month our service is followed by communion. All Christians are welcome to participate. The Communion Service also starts at 10:00am. (Please note: In Times of Corona we meet at 10:00am via Zoom, but also share communion once a month.)


    Missed a sunday and you would like to listen to the sermon as a recording?
    That's easy! You can listen to the sermon of last sunday... or the sunday before... the last 3 sermons

    Or do you like to listen to a sunday many months ago? You can do that in our Archive of Sermons or even full services in our Archive of Full Services!
    Please let us know, if you want to recieve a reminder email if a new sermon is online!

    Jordan and Naomi Litchfield

    Reverend Jordan Litchfield

    The new minister of the Glastry and Portaferry circuit started in July 2017.

    Jordan is originally from Indiana, USA. He married Naomi, originally from County Armagh in July 2010.

    They have been blessed with two children, Nathanael and Anna-Joy. They are looking forward to serving and ministering among the people in Glastry and Portaferry.

    Jordan - welcome to Portaferry and Glastry.


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    A bit of background on the Methodist Church and what it is all about...

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