Thanks to Myra McCalllister

Churches often forget that lots of things go on behind the scenes to make Sunday worship possible. It is not just the Minister but a whole team of people who make sure the church is clean and tidy, warm and comfortable, that refreshments, when allowed, are available and that the services runs smoothly.

Part of this is making sure that there are readers and people to lead the prayers. It wont’ be a surprise that when people get up to read, it’s not just because they were suddenly called into action by the Holy Spirit.

Behind all this in Portaferry is Myra McCallister. Being approached by Myra after the Service with her little back book is a rite of passage for new Members, but what she does so willingly and effectively is vital to our worship.

Myra has the talent of being engaging and getting people to agree to read and lead prayers, and this involves people in the service. She also approaches people early in their life at Portaferry and this creates a sense for newcomers that they are a genuine part of the worshipping community. It is important not to underestimate how vital this is in making people part of the Church Family.

Myra also produces the weekly bulletin, but sadly feels she needs to give up both roles and I’m sure I am speaking for all Members of the Church Family when I say she will be greatly missed.

We all recognise this work and the time and trouble she took in her work for the Church, but understand that these are tasks you sadly must give up. However, your efforts and service to Portaferry Methodist Church will never be forgotten, and we look forward to seeing you, David and Mervyn in the pew later this year.