There can be no return to normal because normal was the problem in the first place.

Graffiti in Hong Kong (2020)

I find this easy to accept as a comment on society. But is it also true of me? Was my normal a problem? To me? To others?

I am still processing these questions as I look forward to a lockeddown, limited future. Without an effective vaccination, I will remain
in lock-down unless I decide to play Russian Roulette with this disease and hope for a mild dose. And each day I wait for the mild
episode, my chances of “mild” diminish.

I have a dominant planning gene. I weigh my options, make a decision, and plan while I wait. So in effect, I don’t wait – I work.
But I don’t know what to plan for now. And so, waiting of itself has to be my new norm.

Wait, I must. I think the early disciples struggled to find their new norm. Jesus knew it. His last instruction to his disciples before he
ascended to heaven was “wait” (Luke 24:49). Eager to spread the news about their Master’s resurrection, they were directed to “wait…. stay in the city until you are equipped with power from on high.” They needed to make the time to be re-tooled. Is that the lesson for me also? Do I need a re-tooling of mind, attitude, spirit for the new norm?