God’s Words

Hello everyone! Before beginning writing I thought about how I could use the words I was given to really say something. This led me to think about God’s words. They are so few and yet so many. We know them and yet time and time again they become like new, challenging and encouraging through all life brings. I would love to use my words to explore a key theme or story that runs through the Bible.

One key story is that of the bridegroom. This really stood out to me, enthralled and moved me. God is in the process of preparing a beautiful bride for His son – the church. She is supposed to be pure, holy and faithful but rarely is. Yet, we are still the bride.

The idea of the church as the bridegroom is not new to me or you, but I recently discovered new depth to this story. There are multiple stories in the Bible of brides being found at wells; Abraham’s servant found Rebekah at a well and Zipporah was at the well when Moses came to Midian. So, when Christ himself comes to the well, we should sit up, expectant to meet His bride, a symbolic first member of the church. What will this person be like? An ideal Christian probably, the holiest of people, right? Wrong. The adulterous Samaritan woman. Not a Jew, not holy, not even liked by her own people, hardly the foundation of the church. O friends, yet again my heart rejoices in wonder at our God who uses the weak to shame the strong and chooses us, the lowliest and unworthy to be His people. Thank Him today for the privilege of being part of His church and let us live worthy of our calling to be His bride.