We’ve all got the message now, social distancing is important and we need to stay 2 metres apart. But what is
2 m? Well it’s about 6 feet, 72 inchs, 0.009 furlongs or even 1 fathom. So how do we know when we’re at the
right distance.

This is much harder than you might think and it is why we use comparisons. How often do you hear on the
news that something is the length of 2 football pitches, or as tall as 5 buses. The supermarkets were the first to
pick this up and we know we need to be about 2 trolleys apart, but what elso could we do?

In the Yukon territory the message is to stay 1 caribou, or 2 sled dogs apart. South Africa has stay 3 Adélie
penguins apart; Australia is one female red kangaroo and in Texas it is the width of the horns of an adult
Longhorn steer.

What should we have; stay one cow apart, or can you think of something better.