Christmas 2020

Did you know it’s only 9 weeks until Christmas? When I heard this on the radio the other day I was surprised, but then this year has been so strange that maybe I should have been more surprised if Christmas had already gone!

We can guess that Christmas 2020 will be very different. There was a radio story that farmers were putting turkeys on diets as they expected smaller birds would be needed with the reduced numbers at family gatherings. Not sure if that’s really true but it’s a nice story that we need to check with Donald and Olive.

It is also only 9 weeks to the annual round of breast beating in Churches that people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. I confess that this usually irritates me, not because it isn’t true, but that we seem to want to blame them, whoever them are, for forgetting rather than accepting our failure to make it clear.

Christmas 2020 will be very different for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps we have an opportunity with our online presence, and the reduced opportunities for consumerism, to achieve something in 2020 we haven’t managed before. What are we all going to do to tell people about the true meaning?