To the congregation of Portaferry Methodist Church and friends

We know that the Covid-19 Coronavirus presents a challenge to all church members. There is worry about the impact of the virus, particularly for those with health issues; concerns about just how we continue to live our everyday lives at a time of social distancing and self-isolation and worries about how we can support each other in our church family.

Sunday Services Online

Each Sunday morning at 11am we host a live online service via ZOOM. Everyone interested can join us together with our friends of Glastry Methodist Church for workship. You do not have to have a computer, an ipad and Internet in order to do this, there is also a way to participate in this via telephone.
Please send Rev. Jordan Litchfield (see contact) an email before Sunday and he will send you further instructions to connect.

Next Sunday Service

  • 31.05.2020 – 11am – Rev Jordan Litchfield

For your diary and     upcoming services

    Those isolating at home

    We recognise the importance of keeping contact with those people who are self-isloating. We habe agreed a rota and allocated each to someone who will maintain regular contact both for spiritual support as well as for practical issues as shopping or collecting prescriptions, where there are any difficulties.

    Other issues

    It is vital during the uncertain times thats we work together with the other Churches in Portaferry. This is both to be able to offer practical support but also to ensure that should there be significant illness the Churches work together to support the community.
    We are also concerned that we do not give in to fear but remember that we are in God's hands. To support this, we will be sending every church member a text at least once per week with an appropriate bible verse. There will also be acticles written by members and can be found in the "latest news"section of this webpage.

    Prayer points

    • Our Minister and his family as they face this unprecedented challenge
    • Those self-isolating
    • Those who are ill and anxious
    • Our Government that it may make wise decisions
    • All in the NHS as they struggle to deal with the virus and key workers we know
    • Those researching a vaccine

    Latest News

    In a strange land

    In 1978 Boney M released By the Rivers of Babylon based on psalms 19 and 137; it became one of only 7 songs that have sold more than 2 million copies. One line especially has resonated with me in the weeks since lockdown. How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? It feels very much as if we’re all living in a strange land at present, a land where the rules have changed. Where is God in […]


    There can be no return to normal because normal was the problem in the first place. Graffiti in Hong Kong (2020) I find this easy to accept as a comment on society. But is it also true of me? Was my normal a problem? To me? To others? I am still processing these questions as I look forward to a lockeddown, limited future. Without an effective vaccination, I will remain in lock-down unless I decide to play Russian Roulette with […]

    A personal view

    The doctor who brought the coronavirus to the world’s attention in China and subsequently died, was an ophthalmologist. So, although I’m aware of the risks (I still think of myself as young and invincible), I would not dream of classing myself as working on the ‘frontline’ during this COVID-19 pandemic; to do so would detract from the heroic efforts of medical staff working in critical care settings and intensive care facilities. I chose the right career many years ago in […]


    Well folks, we are now getting acclimatised to our self isolation. I have become an accomplished baker, (Mary Berry, watch out), hairdresser, make-up artist, ( needs must), doctor/nurse, to our family, as well as chief cook and bottle washer, into the bargain! We are realising the beauty of nature, in ways that we never noticed before. The different birds nesting in our garden and hedgerows, the beauty of the green fields, with the cows grazing contentedly, the wonder of the […]

    Counting in church

    Every year we have the October count and use it as a measure of the Church membership. I’m not sure that this is fit for purpose. It shows, for the British Methodist Church, that we have lost 1/3 of the members in the last 10 years and are now below 200,000. However is this an effective way to measure Church? We know that every day there are 16 deaths but 7 new members, 8 transfers out but 10 transfer in, […]

    Full Circle?

    2… 3…7… 10… I was fascinated by the growing numbers. 11, 22, 31…. The curve kept climbing. Faster and faster. 35, 44, 56, 58… Would it flatten? 59… 60… 61… Ah, was it beginning to plateau? 62… 63…. 63… and holding steady. Looks like it. I never understood ‘curves’ at school. But here I was, this Spring Sunday morning, excited by rising numbers. I clicked the video icon, pictures popped into view; happy, relaxed people, grandparents, mums and dads and […]

    Sermons online

    Have you missed a service? Or you want to hear a sermon from some weeks agi again? Or you love to hear God’s Word atm. more often? Its now possible to dig in our big archive of past sermons we have just opened up for you! Find it at the top of the Homepage in the “WHAT’S ON” menu.

    Overcoming fear

    In his first address as president Franklin Roosevelt said. “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” America was facing mass unemployment, manufacturing and farming had collapsed and banks were failing. Today we face a crisis on the same scale but Roosevelt knew that the Depression would hurt America whereas fear would destroy it. As […]

    Harvest Service 2019

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    A Welcoming Community of Christ's People Being Enabled to Help Shine His Light In Portaferry

    Our Services

    Sunday Morning Service

    Come and join us in the Sunday Morning Worship. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s for everyone.
    It starts at 10:00am and everyone is welcome!

    Come as you are, you don't need to wear special clothes for it. You don’t need to bring anything. We supply it all. Listen, reflect on God’s Word and be challenged and inspired for the week ahead.

    For the Kids there is a children’s talk and then a selection of books and toys in the back of the church. No one feels offended if they play quietly there! We also have a small kitchen and upstairs room where they can also play. 3 members are Access NI approved.

    And, after each service? Ah, there’s tea, coffee and chat with some biscuits; all provided in our kitchen room, Cuan Mews - you are welcome attend this too!

    Joint Service

    We believe in working with other Christian groups.

    If there is a 5th Sunday in the month, then we join our friends of the Church of Ireland for a 'Joint Service'. We alternate speakers and location [just for a change you understand]. Next Dates for Joint Services: - tba

    Communion Service

    On the first Sunday of each month our service is followed by communion.

    All Christians are welcome to participate.

    The Communion Service also starts at 10:00am.


    Missed a sunday and you would like to listen to the sermon as a recording?
    That's easy! You can listen to the sermon of last sunday... or the sunday before... the last 3 sermons

    Or do you like to listen to a sunday many months ago? You can do that in our Archive of Sermons or even full services in our Archive of Full Services!
    Please let us know, if you want to recieve a reminder email if a new sermon is online!

    Jordan and Naomi Litchfield

    Reverend Jordan Litchfield

    The new minister of the Glastry and Portaferry circuit started in July 2017.

    Jordan is originally from Indiana, USA. He married Naomi, originally from County Armagh in July 2010.

    They have been blessed with two children, Nathanael and Anna-Joy. They are looking forward to serving and ministering among the people in Glastry and Portaferry.

    Jordan - welcome to Portaferry and Glastry.


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